Wealthy Affiliate University – Review – University Review

A few months ago I heard of a pretty exciting membership site called Wealthy Affiliate University(WA). Now, I have had the experience of searching through hundreds of products and packages to ensure that my money was well spent. Some were great while others were just really disappointing. I kept hearing so many positives about WA so I ended up joining last week. And what a decision that was! This Article is a Review of Wealthy Affiliate University from the perspective of not only a member but someone new to the affiliate marketing scene.So what is Wealthy Affiliate All about?Well, as it’s name implies WA is designed to help would-be affiliate marketers make money and yes… become wealthy. Wealthy Affiliate provides marketing resources, advertising techniques, and coaching by two very successful Internet marketers make in a month more than an average person does in a year.Whats good about WA is that it doesn’t require you to have a website in order to make money. This was great for me as it allowed me to get started, use the tools and resources, and setup a profitable campaign. So you can start without ever doing any website building and without needing any type of web hosting. They do this by offering optimized landing pages that you can send traffic to.Alright this is what you get when you join: A Comprehensive training section of Learning Resources. This section is broken down into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sub-categories. Every section has an assortment of tutorials, write up, and videos that cover topics specifically chosen to help you progress. One of my favorite sections is the The Research Center. It has some very useful tools for keyword research, and some other ingenious devices. There are allot of quality tools here, you probably could find them else where, but most likely it’ll cost you.Whats the Biggest Gain in Wealthy Affiliate? The support and community! With Wealthy Affiliate you get all assistance you need. The partners will even personally review your campaign to ensure that you’re successful. Now the forum should be considered the most important part of this site. It is extremely active, with the partners and other senior members helping out the newbies. I’ve personally reviewed some topics and the information there is astonishing. For obvious reason I can’t discuss them here; however, I can tell you though, that you will get some of the best training available on-line.So how much does all of this cost? As of this writing (March 2008), the monthly fee is a mere $29.99 per month. That fee includes all of the tools mentioned above; plus all the assistance in the forum. You’ll be given keyword lists for quite a few niches along with recommend products to promote using those lists. I fully recommend this site whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned pro marketer. There’s always more to learn and being a member of an active forum is a great way to keep up with what’s new in the industry.All in all, Wealthy Affiliate University appears to be a robust environment for learning and and becoming successful in Internet marketing. You undoubtedly get value when you consider whats given for the price, the features, tools, resources, training materials, and support whenever you need it.