Paull Barrs Maximum Success University Review – University Review

Today we’re going to take a look at Paul Barrs’ Maximum Success University website.

Name: Maximum Success University
Author: Paul Barrs
Type of product: Membership website with 29 full Internet Marketing courses
When you get to the home page of Paul’s website, you’ll see that he promises the ‘complete’ answer to the question of how to make money online. And to be honest, he’s one of the very few who can deliver on a big promise like that.Let’s take just one of the courses on the site: Affiliate Marketing Mastery.As a full member of the site, I can access all the products in the members area, and this is one which grabbed my attention, because I’ve made most of my money “offline”, in mail order, writing sales copy, etc. Internet marketing is an area I’m looking to improve on, I do have a number of websites but having so much focus “offline”, my online success has always been limited. So I listen to the course, it’s 6 main audios, each 15 mins or less, (no filler or sales pitches here – just pure content), plus a bonus 40 minute audio, and almost straight away, I pick up a strategy which I haven’t been doing, namely, capturing the email addresses of my visitors, for follow-up marketing. Believe me, I set to work immediately implementing Paul’s advice and I am expecting some good results.So just that one product delivers on the promises Paul is making. And even though I’m still going through all that material, I can see that Paul has compiled a complete business model for anyone from the beginning marketer, to the experienced professional.

Investment: Paul is currently running a pre-launch offer called the “Undergraduate Diploma” which gets you 5 of the 29 products for free, just to see if you like them. There is also a paid monthly option, the price is yet to be revealed, but it will give you unlimited access to all 29 courses, plus all of the brand new products Paul has planned for the site.
Something I found immediately was that this site is very easy to use, even if you can barely turn on a computer without the manual. When you get inside the exclusive member’s area, you’ll see 5 introductory videos to guide you through the site, all it’s products, and how to get started on planning your internet business. And the material is laid out by Paul in a seriously easy-to-understand manner. He speaks clearly in both the audio and video components, and writes clearly in the written manuals. He has a way of presenting new ideas in a way that anybody can understand.You can get results quickly from these programs, depending on where you are right now. If you’re already doing business and you’re joining this site to get that extra edge over the competition, you’ll uncover new strategies and viewpoints to improve what you’re doing.And if you’re just starting out, and you want to create some extra income online like so many people you’ve heard about, or if you want to start any kind of home based business, you’ll find some great ways to start making some money, even if it’s small amounts at first, within weeks. Of course neither I nor Paul can promise or guarantee results for you, it’s up to you to get to work and do something. I’m sure you aren’t about to fall for the old ‘magic pill’ trick so many want to-be “gurus” will try and pitch to you. However, many people do experience results very quickly, simply due to the ‘to-the-point’ nature of these products, and the cutting edge strategies held within.Of course it’s best to see for yourself, rather than reading some website or me asking you to take my word for it. Besides the free pre-launch offer Paul’s running, I’ve done a screen recording to literally show you what’s inside the member’s area, and how easy it’s going to be to use.

Summary: Paul’s gotten together all his best material, his extensive expensive experience from the last decade or so of successful internet marketing, and he’s put it all into this member’s area for you to benefit from.
On the downside, it’s a monthly membership, rather than a once-off payment, (unless you go with the free membership option), so you’ll have to stay “plugged in” to keep enjoying the products, and the courses Paul’s got in the works to add later. (He’s got a list of more than 35 products with titles like “Social Marketing Magic”, “How To Build Your Own Software Empire”, and “Video Marketing Vengeance”, listed on the site so you can see what’s coming..)Another problem might be the sheer mass of information here – with 29 full courses, it’s quite a lot to take in, and it can seem overwhelming. Which courses to do? What to listen to? What to watch? The old joke about eating an elephant “one bite at a time”, is good advice here. This is why Paul has created the 5 introductory videos, to lay out a path for you to follow, step by step. To be completely honest though, this is definitely one of the best and most comprehensive products available today. I know, there are thousands, if not millions, of “make-money-on-the-internet” type products out there, and as you may have noticed, most aren’t worth your time at all.Paul Barrs’ Maximum Success University, however, is a compilation of the strategies and results of a guy who has been making money online for years, and most importantly, is still making money online. And while most products will show you just one area of Internet Marketing, (thus requiring you to buy several different products to get the whole picture…) Paul has made absolutely sure that you will never suffer from a lack of information again, on just about any area you can think of.With Maximum Success University, you may never have to buy another marketing product again in your life!